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Master of Data Science (Analytics 3.0)

This course is very comprehensive & above par compared with several online and other classroom training colleges offering analytics courses. A trainee gets to start from the basics of maths, learns programming languages, Hadoop ecosystem, Machine Learning and then goes in higher orbit of Artificial Intelligence.

This course is one of its kind, a truly unique training on fundamentals of maths, stats, languages, ML, AI with hands-on assignments and projects at the end of the course.

Being such a high standard course, admissions are based on the panel interview which checks the attitude, aptitude, and commitment of the candidates. You come out of the 6 months gruelling course as one of the best in the industry, a true Data Scientist!

There is a surprise for the selected candidates! Talk to us or write to us, right away.


  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Data Science Specialist - R / Python
  • Big Data Specialist
  • Machine Learning Specialist
  • Deep Learning
  • Kaggle competition
  • Business Domain - overview
  • Hands-on project with review by experts
  • Softskill training
  • How to face interviews?
  • Guest lectures

Fundamentals of
Data Science

This specialization will prepare the aspirant on the fundamentals of Data Science including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Calculus for Data Science
  • Linear Algebra for Data Science
  • Timeseries
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Knowing Github
  • You must know math to understand the concept of data science

Data Science
Specialist -R

Data Scientists love R language. This course specializes you on R language. You learn the secrets of visualization, text mining, data processing, data cleaning using R. You also learn Timeseries with R and data visualization with Tableau.


  • R for Data Science
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Text mining with R
  • Data preprocessing with R
  • Machine Learning using R
  • Timeseries with R
  • Visualization with Tableau
  • Hands-on assignment

Data Science
Specialist -Python

Python is fast becoming a choice of many Data Scientists. In this course you will learn the language, its features, visualization, text mining, processing & cleaning, Timeseries analysis, basics of model building.


  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Text mining with Python
  • Data preprocessing with Pythin
  • Machine Learning using R
  • Timeseries with Python
  • Visualization with Tableau
  • Hands-on assignment

Big Data Scientist

This course will impart the technical skills to handle and prepare big data ecosystem. You will learn the distributed storage and processing using Hadoop file system. Hadoop and its ecosystem is the preferred storage software as it can store massive amount of data. Apart from large & medium sized organizations, even smaller ones are moving towards Hadoop system. Big data is the frontier of innovation and productivity.


  • Bigiota's Big Data
  • Hadoop & YARN
  • Datawarehousing with Pig & Hive
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Storm
  • Data Ingestion with Sqoop & Flume
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Hands-on assignment
  • NoSQL

Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning is the core of Data Science. It’s a form of Artificial Intelligence which analyses the data that builds the analytical models. These models in turn give insight hidden inside humongous data. As part of this course you will learn Supervised, Unsupervised, and Best practices in ML.


  • Introduction to ML
  • Simple & Multiple Linear Regressions
  • Binomial & multiple logistic regression model
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest
  • Boosting & Bagging
  • Support Vector Machine
  • KNN
  • Bayesian Model
  • Model Validation & Verification

Deep Learning

Here, you learn and develop systems that can interpret speech and text as humans naturally speak and type it using Natural Language Processing (NLP). You also, get to learn the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) which is inspired by human brain & nervous system. A deep neural network consists of several layers of programs and data structures.


  • NLP
  • Neural Network
  • Image processing
  • Prerequisite
    • Knowledge of R / Python
    • Knowledge of Machine Learning

Our full time course is the most reliable and better than any of the other MBA colleges and online courses. No other college provides guaranteed paid internship! We know what we teach.

Admission is only through entrance exam and interview.

(For Master of Data Science)

We believe in classroom training.
Here is why:

Ideal for group learning

Promotes interaction

Inculcates team bonding

Help each other

Promotes team work

Higher chances of completing the course

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